There are three ingredients that make a Fire : Fuel, Energy and Oxygen.

Fuel consists of any material that burns. From woods,paper,right down to kerosene and inflammable gases.Energy consist of a spark, it could be a small ember,and electrical, fault, friction, anything.Oxygen,as we know, exists in abundance all around us.When these three elements come together, they create fire without any warning.Remove even one of these elements, and you can put out a fire successfully.

Danger from the Fire:
Most people know that the majority of deaths during fires are caused,not by the heat,but by the victim being overcome by toxic smoke from the fire. This is because nearly all fuels produce potentially lethal gases, such as carbon monoxide, and particular types of burning materials also produce their own unique hazards. Burning wood and paper produce acrolein; burning polyurethane foam gives off cyanides; while PVC creates hydrogenchloride gas. All fires creates a highly dangerous atmosphere, and obviously the longer the fire burns, the higher the concentration of these gases becomes.Putting the fire out - and putting it out as quickly as possible- is of prime importance.