None of the Extinguishers is expected to deal with a large fire. As these are essentially First Aid Fire Fightning Appliances. Nevertheless, these are very valuable if used promptly & effectively in the early stage of fire.

In addition to the value of their portability and mobility the most important feature of Extinguishers is their immediate availability so that each Extinguisher can be used by one/two persons.

The usefulness of these Extinguishers is limited as it is entirely dependent upon the presence of persons having knowledge to operate them.Further more the capacity is also limited and their operational value largely depend upon the initial charges being sufficient to overcome and extinguish the fire.

Since a variety of shapes or methods of operation of fire extinguishers have at times led to confusion and failure to quench the fire, it is recommended that extinguishers installed in any one building or single occupancy shall be similar in shape and appearance and should have the same methods of operation, as far as possible. This will also simplify the training of the large number of employees in the effective and efficient use of extinguishers.

Where employees have not been trained, operation of extinguishers may be seriously delayed,the extinguishing material may be wasted, and more extinguishers may have to be used, or the fire may not be extinguished.