When selecting locations for Fire Extinguisher due consideration should be given to the value of risk to be covered. The extinguishers should be placed in conspicuous positions and shall be readily accessible for immediate use in all parts of the occupancy.

Extinguisher should be placed as near as possible to exits or stair lands without hindering the escape routes.

Extinguishers should be available for immediate use at all times. Extinguishers should be sited in such a way that it is not necessary to travel more than 15 meters from site of fire to reach the extinguishers.

Extinguishers provided to deal with special risk should be sited near to site area concerned but not so near as to be inaccessible in case of fire. Wall mounted fire extinguisher should be placed on the supporting wall or in wooden,metal or plastic cabinets in such a way that their 1000mm bottom is above ground level.

While selecting the location for higher capacity wheeled/trolley mounted extinguishers, consideration should be given to the mobility of the extinguisher within the area in which it will be used and, if indoors, the size of the doorways and passages which should allow easy movement of the extinguisher.

When installed in a building, the extinguisher should not be placed in a position where it is likely to gain heat from the surrounding equipment or process.

A framed plan showing the location of fire extinguishers, means of access and other useful information should be displayed at suitable places, but should be available near to the entrance to the premises preferably at the security gate or the reception office.