The majority of fires are usually caused  in  an isolated unoccupied   areas or where no one is  around. At that time Extinguishing Fire is impossible, so in such areas Automatic Modular Fire Protection System is of much use.

More over plants, equipments and materials are frequently located  in places which are not occupied or visited regularly. Automatic Modular  Fire Protection works for even in a isolated areas and twenty four hours, round  the clock, even at night, weekends and  holidays.

The Modular Fire Protection System is such designed that it  is easy to install and works individually and  automatically. Its erection  is  simple and not costly and unsightly pipe work is  involved.

The Modular body is manufactured out of two hemi-sphereical M.S.Sheets  and  are welded together. They are  then Chromium  Plated or Powder  Coated in Fire Red Colour as per requirements after Anti Corrosive treatment. Heat Sensitive Bulbs is   fitted  in Value Discharge Head of  57°C/68°C  as per requirement to function as Heat Detector and        Discharge Head when suspended from  ceiling.

Modular Fire Protection System units are available with two type of Extinguishing Agents :Dry Chemical Powder & BCF Halon 1211 and are both Pressurised with  Nitrogen.

Dry Chemical Powder 
Dry Chemical Powder are most suitable for open spaces and  where powder deposition is not objected by equipments or machineries and where powder can be easily cleaned such as transformer, storage, workshop, warehouse, etc.  

BCF  Halon  1211
BCF Halon  1211 are mostly used where equipments or machineries are very sensitive such as in computer rooms, electrical switch panels, Telephone Exchanges, etc. where after clean up is not required.

On the temperature below the discharge head reaching the designed temperature, the glass bulb bursts and allows the contents of the container to discharge on the fire risk below, in the form of a 90 degree cone which puts the fire out.

Product Benefits
24 Hours Protection, Easy Cleanup, Automatic Activation, Self Contained, No Piping, Easy Installation, Inexpensive, Non toxic, Rechargeable, Suitable for Class A,B,C and Electric Fires.   

Check the total weight and the pressure indicating gauge regularly. Recharge after use or if loss in weight or in pressure exceeds 10 %.   

Capacity Available
2.5 KGS., 5 KGS., 10 KGS., 15 KGS.